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As a school we worked together with the children, staff,  parents, Reverend Charlie and the governors to agree those values which we feel are important for our school and its community.  The British values of democracy, tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, rule of law, mutual respect and individual liberty are reflected in our Christian values.  As a school all values are explored and discussed through a range of curriculum areas including RE, PSHE, topic eg Romans, Greeks; Collective Worship and pupil voice such as the school council and Eco-Warriors.

Our 4:13 group are currently exploring ways to enhance Collective Woship and are currently thinking about organising a Christmas Trail.

The link below will take you to a site that explores a number of Distinctive Christian Values from a range of perspectives


Trust is a really important value. It must be earned. If we do not trust someone it is very hard to
build a good friendship with them.


In school, children will have been learning about different kinds of peace including peace that comes
when it is quiet, the things that make for peace of mind and the qualities of a peacemaker.


‘Count your blessings’ is an old saying, but it reminds us to be thankful and not take things for granted.


The value hope is about much more than just wishing as hard as we can that things will be different. It is about believing that the world can be better and being prepared to do something!


Compassion is about ‘standing in someone else’s shoes’ when they are having a hard time. In other words,trying to understand how they might be feeling and doing our best to try to help


Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of being human. Sometimes our mistakes hurt others and then we need to say sorry. Sometimes mistakes made by other people hurt us. When this happens we need to be able to forgive. Forgiveness can be difficult and costly but without it a new start is impossible






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