We had so much fun! Thanks again to Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Morley-Smith for helping out.  Thank you for sending in colanders, glasses, pin-hole cameras, welding devices and home-made viewers.  It was excellent and only another 83 years til the next one 🙂


P1010936 P1010937 P1010938 P1010939 P1010940 P1010941 P1010943 P1010944 P1010945 P1010946 P1010947 P1010948 P1010949 P1010950 P1010952 P1010953 P1010957 P1010958 P1010959 P1010961 P1010962 P1010963 P1010964 P1010965 P1010969 P1010970 P1010971

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