Thursday 23rd April was the first inter school football match which put Bitteswell Red Vs Bitteswell Blue. These teams were made up of the years 3&4 football team and the years 5&6 football team. To make the match fair the teams were divided up equally with mixed abillity and year groups.  There was a new rule set which was a sin bin involving cards ( 1 yellow 1 miniute in the bin a direct red 5 miniutes in the sin bin) this rule was in place due to the competeive nature of the teams and year groups.

The game was won by Bitteswell Red  with the score line of 7-3 . Both teams played incredibly and showed great sportsman ship within the school rivaily.  Both teams performed well as a seprate teams especailly as it was the first time they had played as these teams.

They have all impressed the coach and need to keep up the hard work they do.


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