Over the next three weeks Oak class are learning how to use a sewing machine.  They will be creating a cushion cover using a range of funky fabrics.  We are very lucky to have six fantastic ladies volunteering their time to show the children how much fun it is to sew.

This week the children thought the sewing machines were wonderful and were very proud of their finished item.  Have a look at the pictures to see what fun they had.  Next week another group of children will be trying their hand at sewing.

         P1030185 P1030186 P1030187 P1030188 P1030189 P1030190 P1030191 P1030192 P1030193  P1030195 P1030196 P1030197 P1030198 P1030199 P1030200 P1030201 P1030202 P1030203 P1030204 P1030205 P1030206 P1030207 P1030208 P1030209 P1030210 P1030211

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