Last Thursday we had an internal football match which consisted of the two school football teams being split up into fair teams one played in blue while the other played in red. We had two of the children form the Year 5 and 6 team coach the teams they did this very well and learnt when to make substitutions ,change the formations and could see from the coaches view how hard it it to make the right choice.

Both teams played well, worked hard and did some superb skills and plays.  The red team had mostly Year 5 and 6s so they helped mentor the younger children whilst playing and the blue team was mainly the year 3 and 4 and they linked up perfectly with the year 5 and 6s that they had.

After a well fought game the score sat at 7-4 the blues won the game with some very good skills and team work, but the reds did a lot more team work based play. At the end of the game I had a word with the teams and congratulated them on such a great game and how well they both worked as a team.

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