After the Year 5 & 6 Football Team won the small school league last year this qualified the School to enter the county final . The final consisted of the best School Teams from various areas all around Leicestershire. The County Final took place at Leicester City Football Club’s Training Facility, as you can imagine once the team found out they were very excited and nervous.

The Team worked hard and well together especially seeing as this was the first couple of games for the new year 5 & 6 Team.

The final got off to an amazing start with the first game ending 0-0 and great start for the new team. We sadly lost the next two games ending 2-0 and 1-0 but the Team were incredible with  their over all performances and sportsman ship.

Every time we had time off the pitch the Team were keeping the goal keeper on his toes and giving him encouragement and pointers , a few were practicing passes and talking about plays they wanted to tryout.

I am very proud of the Teams determination , team work , sportsmanship and will to carry on regardless of the situation in front of them they represented the school very proudly and our part of the county.

Year 5 & 6 are aiming to repeat the performance this year to get back to the county final and aiming to win it.


October 2015 149 October 2015 150

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