In Lego club this week I gave the children the challenge “to create a christmas/winter scene or something christmassy”

They had a completely free rein and got themselves into groups, or chose to work alone.

I was so impressed with what they created that I wanted to share it with you all.

Here is a fantastic Ski lodge – complete with snowy slopes and a ski-lift – created by Hugo, Jacob and Harvey.

p1050206        p1050171p1050204

And Alex, Ollie, Luke and Isaac made a snowy scene, with 2 people having a snowball fight and someone else building a snowman!

p1050191 p1050189

Isla and Alice made a wintery scene, with snowy trees and wonderful giant stockings


Ruby made an assortment of things . . .

p1050193          p1050194

. . . including Santa’s sleigh, which made another appearance on Austin, Felix, Aemil and Alfie’s model of a street on Christmas eve, with houses which opened to reveal people, fireplaces and presents!

p1050197   p1050196

p1050201    p1050200 p1050198    p1050173    p1050172

Poppy and Alice made a new age sleigh for Santa, with a computer for his naughty and nice list, and a satnav in case he loses his way!


Also, Hugo made a wreath to hang on a door


and Felix made a forklift for the elves!


Well done everyone! You have all worked really hard, been part of some great teamwork and made some incredible things!

Merry Christmas 🙂

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