St Mary’s CoE Primary School values the opinions of all children within the school. We regularly hold School Council meetings with representatives from every class where children can discuss any issues.

Our School Council

Our School Council has 12 members. There is a boy and girl representative from Y1 to Y6. Our group meets regularly with Mr Evans helping oversee and input. The elected members for 2019/20 are: Nathaniel, Poppy L, Indy, Alex, Freia, Ethan W, Tallulah, Henry, Millie, Elijah E, Ellie & Freddie.

As a school council we are trying to make our school a better place for everyone. We want to help the school staff to make our school as safe and exciting as possible. We also want to get involved in village life and help our community be the best it can be,

Meeting Minutes


At the first meeting, overseen by Mr Evans, the council were asked to consider areas around the school that they considered to be not safe . 

Feedback was encouraging and the areas identified were predominantly linked to the trees and shrubs which had grown rapidly in the summer holidays. It has been suggested that inviting parents to a Saturday gardening session be considered.

In addition the children also thought about how they could raise funds to purchase some exciting D&T and coding resources which Mr Evans shared with them having seen them in action at a recent visit to the National Space Centre with Oak. The children were very keen for this and are now considering the best way of raising the money needed.

Mrs Maher.

Watch this space for more updates on the trees, shrubs and fundraising progress.