We desperately need a parent or governor to be part of our Eco-council! We are currently aiming for our Eco-schools Silver Award and this is part of the criteria. Please speak to Mrs Dobson or a member of the Eco-council if you think you could help!

Litter-acy competition!
Many thanks for all of your wonderful entries to our poetry competition. We asked children to write a short poem on the theme of litter. We had lots of entries and Eco-council had a difficult time judging them. However, we did eventually decide on four winners:
Florence S
Abigail B
Milena S
Luke H

Well done to our winners! Your poems will be displayed on the Eco board for everyone to read.

All of the entries have been posted to be entered into the National Litter-acy competition. Fingers crossed for a winner!

Recycling with a difference!

We welcomed Sue Drage into our school this morning for an extremely inspirational and informative talk on recycling and upcycling. Sue brought a variety of objects into school to show us that she had made from rubbish! It was amazing to see what could be achieved from such simple materials. The children and parents then created their own Christmas decorations from toilet rolls which will be displayed in the hall for our Christmas fair.

Many thanks to Sue and her husband and for the enthusiasm from children, parents and staff. We can’t wait to see how the decorations look in the hall.

Here are a few pictures from the day and show the work in progress:


Recycling with a difference- We are excited to have a visitor in school next Friday. Please save your toilet rolls and start bringing them in at the beginning of next week so that we can see how many we have.

We have now completed our Environmental Review of the school and will use this to formulate an action plan.

October 2017- We have recently formed our new Eco-council for this academic year!  We have met twice already and are very excited about future events and how we can continue the good work that the school has already begun.

Our first step is to further develop our Eco-council.  We have student representatives from each class in KS1 and KS2 who were voted for by their fellow pupils.

Willow: Freya and Anthony

Sycamore: Alex and Trinity

Maple: Isaac and Dominika

Oak: Ruby and Sefton.

We would like to further develop our eco-council by involving members of the community.  If you feel you have something to offer us- time or expertise- please speak to Mrs Dobson or leave your details at the office.



Today, Friday 4th May, some of the members of the Eco-council conducted a litter pick at lunchtime. We managed to pick litter up from both playgrounds. Unfortunately, there was more litter than we expected! The most common type of litter was plastic such as straw wrappers. We will soon be launching a campaign to encourage everyone to ensure that all of their rubbish goes in the bin.

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