St Mary’s school has strong links with St Mary’s Church in Bitteswell and Lutterworth.  We regularly visit Bitteswell church for services, to learn more about places of worship and to attend local community events such as the Macmillan Coffee morning.

Reverend Charlie works closely with the staff and children and is a member of the governing body.  Our local Curate, Tom, is also a memnber of the Governing Body.   Our Collective Worship for the term are based on the school vision and associated values and character muscles.   Open The Book visit regularly and both Reverend Charlie and Tom lead Collective Worship

Ou vision is weaved across the curriculum and everyday life in school and underpins our decisions and choices.  We frequently ask the children ‘What would Jesus do?’  Giving them time to reflect and consider alternative actions based on good choices.

St Mary’s SIAMS report final version 2019

Here are some comments from our recent SIAMS

The school’s Christian vision has grown out of its local context and is articulated well by school leaders. It is based on biblical text and impacts on the life of the school

There is a strong emphasis on wellbeing which results in pupils and staff feeling well cared for. The inclusive nature of the school enables its pupils to flourish.

Attainment in reading, writing and maths at the end of Key Stage 2 is high.

Pupils behave well and parents praised the way older pupils cared for younger ones. This was affirmed by the pupils who said that they enjoyed having friends across different year groups and that they were like ‘a little family.’

Staff are appreciative of the support given to them by the senior leadership team and feel valued. The school places a high emphasis on nurture and wellbeing.

2014 SIAMS Bitteswell, St Mary’s CE Primary School Report

Here are some of the comments from our SIAMS 2014 Inspection Report:

“St Mary’s is a warm, welcoming school where pupils and adults feel valued and cared for within an atmosphere of Christian love and understanding.”

“Standards are high throughout the school and children make good progress.”

“Distinctively Christian values are clearly expressed by all members of the school community and these values have a significant impact on children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. As one child said,

…‘They help you along in life and teach us how to live, like Jesus did’.


St Mary’s Church, Bitteswell


Lutterworth Church


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