Musical Fun

After School Club had a wonderful donation of a piano mat. The children had a fantastic time playing on it from making there own tune, just making noise and learning to play a tune. One of the older children that comes to ASC spent some time teaching anoher child how to play Old MacDonald on it, they learnt it pretty quick and well but they did ask to be shown where to press next as they lost the place where they were in the tune. Thank you for the donation of the piano mat the children are having lots of fun with it.



If you need Before or After School Club for your child or children can you please book ahead of the time that it is required as Before and After School club tend to fill up.

The booking form for BASC is located in the reception foyer. It is a pink form that has all of the prices for the different sessions.

Extra shoes , Coats And Clothes

As the weather is getting colder and wetter could you please make sure your children has a change of shoes in school and a coat. Also if you would like to send your child into After School Club with a change of clothes as we do like to play outside, on the field and tend to get a little bit messy.