In Autumn 2018, we embarked on a substantial review of our whole-school curriculum with all members of staff, our governors and our children giving valuable input. Our motivation was to ensure that, in every subject, our children continue to have as many rich and empowering opportunities as possible in ways which reflect their lives, the changing world around them and their future.

Below you will find the results of nearly two years’ worth of scrutiny, challenge and ambition. The curriculum can be viewed either by class (our single-year EYFS and our mixed-age KS1 & KS2) or by individual domain.

For Autumn 2020, EYFS will be experiencing their single-year curriculum. KS1 & KS2 will all be on Cycle A. We move to Cycle B for 2021/22 and then repeat. With each implementation, the underlying objectives and content remain the same although the framing of the topics will differ to account for the particular classes at the time.

At St. Mary’s, we are committed to delivering in full the EYFS curriculum, the National Curriculum (2014) for KS1 & KS2 and the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education. The maths and English objectives are very clearly stated in these documents and our aim is that all children have the opportunity to master them. Our focus in this renewal was to provide the same depth of structure, to establish an equally detailed skills framework and to detail the overlapping and spiral progression in all other subjects to ‘interrupt the forgetting’ and to deliver what we already knew….. we have a long tradition of offering the broadest and most balanced curriculum possible and we are determined that this will continue long into the future!

This is not the end of our journey of renewal. As we move into the new school year, the school leadership, subject leaders, class teachers, governors and children will progress to building detailed vocabulary progression documents for each subject, will develop a list of rich texts to support learning across the curriculum and will look for opportunities to improve this publication in all areas.

Our curriculum is a living document and will be enriched and reviewed as the experience of our school community grows.

Detailed information about our rich, ambitious curriculum is sent to parents and carers at the beginning of each term.

Curriculum – Intent & Vision

Curriculum – By Class

Curriculum – By Domain