Parental Involvement

The school values the assistance given by parents, carers and volunteers helping in the classroom with a range of curriculum areas. These may include reading and mathematics workshops, small group work, cooking, art & craft activities, swimming and sporting activities.

We take safeguarding seriously and as such parents and carers help will be required to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check and adhere to the school policy for Volunteers and Parents.  This complies with legal requirements to ensure the safety of children. The check can be completed through the school office.  Please contact Mrs Sharp for information and a copy of the policy.

Free School Meals

Do you qualify to claim for free school meals? If you are not sure please telephone 0116 305 6588 as applications can now be done over the telephone. Alternatively, pop and see a member of the office staff.
Your child does not need to take a hot dinner every day to qualify for free school meals.
However, if your child is registered on our list for free school meals they may also be entitled to a reduction in costs for school trips, swimming, Before and After School Club or additional learning opportunities etc.

Absence, Illness, Term Time Holidays

The school needs to know the reason for a child’s absence. Parents and carers are requested to inform the school as follows:-

Notification of absence by telephone message or letter before 9:15 am on the first day of absence.
Notification by telephone or letter before 9:15 am that day for morning dental or medical appointment when the child will arrive for lunch.

Entering of the name of the child in the signing-out book in the office if the child is to be taken out for an appointment during the day, with subsequent notification in the book on the child’s return.

All unexplained absence is classified as unauthorised.

Holidays in Term Time

Education Acts are specific in requiring that parents and carers are legally responsible for ensuring that children of compulsory school age receive full time suitable education. Parents and carers do not have the right to take children on holiday in term time. Leave of absence may be requested but will only be granted in the most exceptional circumstances.

The rigour of National Curriculum means that time lost and work missed during such holidays is difficult to make up. It is not the policy of the school to provide the children with work to take with them while absent on holiday.

Communication between Home and School

The school writes regular newsletters to keep parents and carers informed of school activities and items of interest. These will be emailed to parents or a paper copy given to the eldest child if this is not an option.

Parents and cares are advised to routinely check reading bags for letters, notes and leaflets so as to avoid any child missing out on an event or activity,

The school will regularly provide information and opportunities for parents to assist their child’s learning through newsletters, on-line updates and various meetings. Information will also appear on this website.

There is a Teachers to Parents text facility where the school office will text parents on their mobile number regarding any important information or reminders.

Each term, parents and carers are invited to attend an interview with their child’s teacher to discuss work and progress at school. At the end of the Summer Term each child receives a detailed annual report.

Where relevant, for children requiring additional educational support,  parents and careers will be invited to a meeting to discuss how best we can help to ensure that their child continues to make progress.