St Mary’s Before and After School Clubs are a time for children to have fun, interact with other children from the school and participate in arts, crafts, ICT and play activities.

The emphasis of the Clubs is Child Initiated Play, aimed at empowering children to decide what they want to do, under the supervision and guidance of the staff.

We work with the children to plan theme weeks with activities to suit all ages.

Before School Club runs from 7:00am and the children are offered a choice of cereals, toast or fruit.  Various activities are available to them until 8:45 when they are taken to wait outside their classrooms.

After School Club starts at 3.20pm when the children are collected from their classrooms at the end of the school day. We have a short ‘snack session’ with a drink and some fruit , then the children go outside to play before we group together at about 4:30pm for a light tea; a choice of sandwiches followed by biscuits, fruit and a drink of milk or juice. After tea the children choose from a wide range of activities until they are collected.


Booking forms for the Before and After School Club are available in the office or from the Play leaders.


Before School Club

7:00 am till 8:45 am is £7

8:00 am to 8:45 am is £3:50

After School Clubs

3:20pm till 6:00pm is £9 (sibling rate £8)

3:20pm till 5:00pm is £7

3:20pm till 4:00pm is £3

We also have discounts if your children attend any clubs based in the school then come to After School Club.