Children who require a short course of medication (e.g. antibiotics) will normally remain at home until the course is finished.  If the doctor feels that your child is fit enough to return to school but requires medicine in the middle of the day, we ask that parents attend the school to administer it.  The school nurse suggests that parents should ask their doctor to prescribe antibiotics which can be administered 3 times a day, rather than 4.

School staff are not usually permitted to administer medicines.

For long-term medication, medicine will only be administered if clear, written instructions have been received on the official consent form issued by the school.

If your child has any health related problems such as asthma, you are asked to let the head teacher know, as well as informing her of any symptoms to be aware of and action to be taken.

If any pupils become unwell during the day we will contact you, or one of the people you have named on the contact form, and ask you to take your child home as soon as possible.  Please make sure we have up to date phone numbers.  If you use a mobile phone for your contact number, please ensure it is switched on whenever possible.

In an emergency situation, an ambulance will be called to take any child to hospital and parents will be informed immediately.