St Mary's Church of England Primary School

Old and New


As part of our exploration of History and Time we have been thinking about how we might be able to tell if something is old or new. We came up with lots of ideas including the smell, the condition and the look. This lead us to think about how things might have been different in the past. We have made our own ‘museum’ of objects that we compared and examined. We shared our ideas together about how we can relate this to our own lives and experiences. Can you find anything old at home?

We learnt that history is all about things that have already happened.



Next we took a closer look at our school building and found out about it’s past. We looked carefully to see the original building from the outside, noticing clues like the changes in brick, the windows and the shape of the parts. Did you know our school is 132 years old! Can you spot the old parts of the school? Which parts are new?