St Mary's Church of England Primary School


Hi everybody! I hope you have been having fun and learning loads at home this week? It has not been easy for me to get to my computer this week to add loads of new and exciting things for you to explore, but here are a few for you to keep you going!

Miss Ward


Maths Activities!

  • A great teacher, and a good friend of our local schools, Mr Metcalfe is doing some great maths challenges. They will really get you thinking hard. Ask an adult to find the KS1 video every day!
  • Mathletics is always great fun! I am going to go on and set you some activities after I post this. You will have been given your password last week!
  • Times Tables! I am challenging you to a competition….can you beat me in a 2x, 5x and 10x challenge when we get back to school? Want more of a challenge? Maple class will be learning their 3x table after the summer holiday, some of you will be in there if you are now in my Year Two team. Can you make a start to learn the 3x table I wonder?


English Activities!

  • We can never have enough time to keep learning our phonics sounds. Our friends at Phonics Play will let Mums and Dads get their hands on all of their great games and fun activities for free whilst you are home. Get them to look here
  • Just before Christmas, I went with Mrs Cupit to an event and made a new friend, Jane Consodine. She is the lady who has created our Fantastics and Grammaristics and everything else in our writing rainbow. She is stuck at home too so is doing daily activities which you can join in with. Grab an adult and ask them to look out for this



  • Keeping fit matters all of the time, but especially now when you might finish off all of the biscuits and watch too much TV (you wouldn’t do that, would you?). If you want to get fit every morning then join in with one million families jumping around with Joe Wicks. This is what Oak class were doing in the hall these past few Fridays. Are you fitter than them?




Arts & Craft

  • I want to build a virtual gallery of all of your great home art and creative creations. Get painting, drawing, colouring, glueing, building and anything else you can think of to make wonderful creations. Try to think of the topics we have done this year so far and make your creations link to them. Ask an adult to take a photo and send it to and the very best will appear on our class blog each week!


Still Want More?

  • We have friends in lots of schools and one teacher we know has sent us a fantastic list of learning projects that you could do. If Mum or Dad find that you need a special login for some of the activities then they can email the school at and Miss Palmer and Mr Evans will investigate! Look here


The Mrs Maher Challenge!

  • Mrs Maher is setting you guys a real challenge! She is spending the time away from school trying to find a new word that she didn’t know, learning how to spell it, how to write it neatly and how to use it in a sentence. She is also finding something in her garden each day and drawing it with a pencil carefully, trying to make sure she gets all of the little detail. Then, just before she is all tired out, she is trying to teach Simon how to use a part-whole model or a bar model. Can you challenge her? If you can, try and try and try to do it and when you’ve got it, get an adult to be your audience whilst you show off. If Mum or Dad are busy working from home then wait for a good time to do it!


Thank you for all the home learning you have done so far. As mentioned more activities and learning opportunities have been put on our class blog. Choose at least 1 or 2 a day and read too – any book – if you have an older brother or sister perhaps they can help you.

It would be lovely if you could learn this song. Maple class are learning so we can all sign together on our return.

The following link will take you to a handwriting site that has animations of our script. Remember to sit your letters on the line, make the tall letters tall and the ones with tails hang below the line. Don’t make your loops too big.

There are lots of other handwriting activities on this site too. You need to make sure that any letters you choose are in the Continuous Cursive category – 1.

Can you create a rainbow – inside or outside – using anything you like? Take a photo and send to: – then we can put on the class blog – don’t forget to put you first name only on.
As we move forward further activities and home learning opportunities will be added to the class blog – so keep an eye out for what you or your year group can do.


Additional Activities:

Play or learn a new board game: dice and reading instructions. Change the rules – use the dice to add, subtract, find the difference

.Dominoes – matching, sorting, counting in 2’s, 3’s

Cards – Play or learn a new game, Use to add, subtract, difference, 2,5,3 times tables, missing numbers, lay out several cards close your eyes, move one, which ones missing.

Cooking – use the scales, read the instructions

Gardening – Get physical, make an obstacle course, explore the plants and trees, do a weekly diary looking for the changes

How many different ways can you find to learn about numbers, shape or space?

Have lots of fun learning at home. If you want to share any of your learning with your class send to
We look forward to seeing your fabulous learning!

Miss Ward, Mrs Clode and Mrs Hubbard